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How the 2 piece pull apart goal umpires sticks evolved.

Pull apart, two - piece goal umpiring sticks were born over 40 years ago when the then VFL (Victorian Football League, now the AFL) goal umpires wanted to arrive and depart  their League games without being obvious  that they were the official goalies for the day.

Field umpire and VFLUA life member Jack Miller devised the pull apart, two- piece goal umpire sticks and they have been the benchmark ever since, making it easy to carry goal umpire sticks in a normal kit bag.


The sticks are made from 20mm white conduit and are reinforced at the join by another smaller internal conduit for extra strength. The aluminium islet hole is in place for ease of attaching the flag to the stick. The handle is knurled for easy non slip grip. These sticks are quality made and should last you a life time.


Our flags are also quality made in Melbourne,  of a polyester/cotton combination, a durable fabric that makes them light weight. They are doubled hemmed all round for strength and durability. Our flags feel good to wave . Our seamstress has been making the flags for more than 15 years with care !

The flag has a pocket for the stick to be inserted. Two button holes to attach the flag to the stick with a small length of cord. (Many use a white shoe lace for this purpose as seen below)

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