Flagstix are flags and sticks for Australian Rules Football Goal Umpires!


(Now under new management)

Among the most important purchases any goal umpire makes are his or her flags and sticks
The sticks and flags are made from best quality materials - resulting in high quality equipment at reasonable prices.
Flagstix happily supply all goal umpires in any league or level of competition across Australia and overseas.

The Sticks

The flag sticks are made from an ultra light grey rigid PVC tube and separate into two sections (for easy transport). The tube is capped at each end.
The top section slips over a positioning tube onto the lower section (handle), that has a metal tube running laterally through it, to allow you to insert a shoelace (or similar) to tie the flag to the stick. The metal tube prevents the tie falling into the inside of the stick.

The lower section has a knurled handle section to prevent the stick slipping from your grip in wet/muddy conditions.
They are made to the AFL’s recommended length.

Every stick is individually and carefully manufactured. Great care is taken in assuring that the product you receive will be as close to identical as possible, in every way, to those provided to the AFL/VFL umpires.
Flagsticks are now being supplied to Goal Umpires in the Australian Football League and the Victorian Football League and are being used extensively throughout metropolitan Melbourne, country Victoria, interstate and overseas (NZ and South Africa).

(Please see the note at the bottom of this page regarding
the upper sections of the sticks.)

The Flags

These are manufactured by a highly professional, expert machinist who produces a beautifully finished product.
Flagstix uses only the highest quality cotton/polyester blend cloth, that’s easy to launder and highly resistant to fraying.
The flag is made to the AFL recommended size
Two buttonhole eyelets are inserted in the bottom of the ‘tube’ section (which is slipped over the flag stick) to allow a tie (shoelace or similar) to be inserted to tie the flag to the stick (via the lateral tube).

To see how the flag is attached to the stick (or handle if you prefer) click here.



(Prices and information current as of 01/03/2015)

One flag stick: $12.00
Set of four: $48.00

(Plus postage and handling - see below)

One flag: $10.00
Set of four: $40.00

(Plus postage and handling - see below)

Full points for
a top product!

To order

Payments by cheque or money order should be made payable to: Barbara S Bennett.
Direct Deposit may be arranged by contacting Ian Bennett.
(Contact number 0411 513 071).
(NEVER, never send cash through the post).

Postal address details are available by either calling the phone number listed opposite or sending a message to the email address also shown opposite.



For further information
Call Ian Bennett at Flagstix on:
(03) 9876-3345
email: flagstixaustralia@gmail.com
(Mobile): 0411 513 071

Postage and Handling
All orders incur additional costs for postage and handling. As these prices can vary greatly depending on weight & distance it will be necessary to contact Ian by e-mail or telephone to determine the cost.

Please note:

Flagstix Australia is now under new management and as a result phone and email contact addresses have changed. Could you please update your records to reflect those changes.

The PVC tube used to make the sticks is deliberately marked during the manufacturing process with information that relates to the date of manufacture, the standard to which it conforms and
the manufacturer's name.
This information is printed (using a special ink) on the external surface of the PVC. The removal of the printed material is the most time consuming component of the making of the sticks.
Unfortunately on the odd occasion the ink resists all efforts to remove it, usually because it has been pressed into (or mixed with) the PVC during the manufacturing process.
The mark usually takes the form of a single line, a fleck or a smudge and despite every effort to remove it, it has become permanent part of the PVC tube.
In an bid to keep the price of the product as low as possible, the stick where these feint marks appear (and defy removal) is used as the top half of the flag stick. The result is that the flag (when fitted) covers and
hides the mark so that it is not noticeable.
It should be understood that only about 10% of the upper sections are affected.
For those who have used these products over the years, you will know that the quality of the sticks has never been compromised and that every attempt is made to use as much of the raw material as possible
to keep costs down. The marks produced by the ink do not reduce the high quality of the sticks in any way whatsoever.
If forced to discard the marked PVC - the cost would have to be added to the final product to cover costs. Therefore if your set of sticks contains an upper section with a stripe, smudge or fleck, it is due to
the PVC maker's processes and it has been intentionally set aside for use as an.upper section rather than the handle section where it is possible that it may be noticed or seen.
Should you have any enquiries regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact Ian by email: flagstixaustralia@gmail.com